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Just a few of the Benefits of Assisting Living Communities

Assisted Living benefits are plentiful. Some of our clients think that transitioning to an Assisted Living Community might be hard, but once the adjustment is made, most are excited with the change. Why? Here are the top five reasons:

1. Goodbye Toolshed!

Say goodbye to the toolshed - to the rake needed for the fall, or lawnmower in the spring. Gone are the days of calling a plumber to fix a leaking pipe or a toilet that won't flush. Home maintenance can become a sizable and costly burden to address. Community residents don't have to worry about leaky faucets, roof repairs, exterior painting, landscaping, shoveling snow and other related issues. Toss those concerns away, along with all of the tools in the toolshed! If you like to break out those gardening tools, there are lots of communities with communal gardens for their residents!

2. Let's Eat!

Elders home alone very rarely prepare nourishing and healthy meals for themselves, instead choosing to warm up their meals in the microwave or on the stove. In Assisted Living communities, meals are mainly provided in their communal dining areas and they often offer many food choices. Another benefit? Residents have friendly company and great conversation during their meal—which helps them eat better, keeping them healthy!

3. Let's Play!

Activities play a large part in daily life at assisted living communities. Many communities offer multiple activities per day allowing their residents to stay active and engaged. Activities include movie night, arts and crafts, cooking classes, and exercise classes. Most communities also bring in professionals such as comedians, musicians, vocalists and speakers on various topics to entertain and educate residents.

In addition to community planned activities, residents can enjoy themselves and each other's company anytime by playing cards, listening to music and having coffee and snacks together.

4. Safety First!

Assisted Living communities are designed with one thing in mind - to be a safe and comfortable environment for seniors- and you can see the results of that design in every room. From safety bars, elevators, and ramps, to emergency response systems and training for staff, you can take comfort that communities have taken the necessary preventative measures to make sure you or your loved one is as safe as possible in their living environment.

5. Medication Management

Many seniors take multiple medications per day with differing schedules and food requirements. Assisted Living communities will provide a medication management service that will shift the responsibility to the staff of the community. This will reduce over- or under-medicating and the serious complications that can arise.

If you or your loved one is considering a move to an Assisted Living community or a residential or board and care home, give us a call - we can help you find the "perfect fit" senior living community. Contact a local Oasis Senior Living Advisor for more information.

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